Global Network Membership

8 July 2021

Kreston Global

TAY became member of Kreston international effective from 1 April 2015. Kreston International is a UK based global network of independent accounting firms. Founded in 1971 Kreston International offers reliable and convenient access to quality services through member firms located around the globe. Currently ranking as the 13th largest accounting network in the world, Kreston now covers over 120 countries and provides a resource of over 22,000 professional and support staff.

Kreston International member firms commit to compliance with the professional standards appropriate in their respective countries and to adhere to the following international standards:

  • International Standards on Quality Control
  • International Standards on Auditing for the conduct of transnational audits.
  • Code of Ethics as issued by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants.

A globally coordinated quality monitoring and review program supports member firms in the maintenance of these standards.