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About TAY

TAY Authorized Accountants & Auditors was established by merger of three audit firms namely Tesfa Tadesse & Co., Alemayehu Kassa & Co., and Yeheyis Bekele & Co. in July 2005. Due to the merger, TAY & Co has got greater size and capacity to maintain quality audit works with international standard.

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Moreover, the firm assured its continuity as professionals who are authorized auditors and have different experiences and qualifications that enable the firm to competently discharge its responsibilities to its client.

The firm is established with a vision to provide real business support to its clients. Having considered the lack of adequate professional support to the local businesses, its members believe that they should provide value adding assistance to the clients on top of the financial audit.
TAY has been in audit and consultancy practice for a continuous seventeen years and has developed great trust and professional relationship that added value to the business objective of its clients.

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The current partners of TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors are Tesfa Tadesse, Alemayehu Kassa, Yeheyis Bekele and Eskias Fikre. They are all members of ACCA (UK) and members of Ethiopian Professional Association of Accountants and Auditors (EPAAA). ACCA is member of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). EPAAA is member of PAN African Federation of Accountants which is also IFAC member.

The partners have got extensive audit and consultancy experiences in Ethiopia and abroad. The partners involve in the audit, consultancy and other services by taking different areas of responsibility.

TAY was registered with Office of the Federal Auditor General of Ethiopia in 2005 as authorized auditor and rated as Grade A audit firm in July 2014. Moreover, TAY has registered as Certified Audit Firm by Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia in July 2015 in accordance with the newly promulgated Ethiopian Financial Law.

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Our core values
  • Operate with integrity & Professional ethics
  • Continuous communication with customers, and innovative and timely service delivery
  • Critical self-evaluation and learning
  • Unrelenting professional development and updating

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